PIPSICO tear down workparty this coming SATURDAY 15NOV

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PIPSICO tear down workparty this coming SATURDAY 15NOV

Postby joejetson » Sun Nov 09, 2014 8:06 pm

Thank you for the following for helping out today:
Ralph Benhart
Bill Pacey
Russ Shappard
Derek Howard
Steve Trenholm

Thanks Donnie Lewis for bringing your box blade out on Friday and dragging the open areas.

Tidewater Dirt Riders has a long standing relationship with the Pipsico Boy Scout organization. We have put on events at that location for many years now and TDR is the number one money maker for them. I can't quote the exact dollar amounts that they benefit from, but it is in the thousands.

The members of this club have historically pulled together to make this VCHSS event the number one in the state of Virginia. Ralph will be able to tell you just how many times we have won TRACK OF THE YEAR.

This partnership that has developed between the BSA at Pipsico and TDR has and will continue to benefit both of our organizations. We are at a crossroads as a club due to the loss of our land. The essence of our club is family involvement; providing an atmosphere where young riders can be around their peers, and adults alike, to carry on with our hobby and passion. It provides a place for off road riders and/or racers to bond, race, ride, and bench race. I have had more fun in the last few years when I became more involved, than I have had in the past almost 20 years of on and off membership. I have seen members leave and new members come. I have watched the first ride of some on training wheels, and seen them progress through the ranks. I have seen the younger members, the Jake Bagleys, the DJ Howards, the Lance Henrys, the Cole Paceys step up to the plate under the guidance of their parents. These young members are the future of what we do.

So, back to this partnership with the BSA at Pipsico. Ladies and gentlemen, this could lead to bigger and better things for us as a club at Pipsico. Our goal right now is to press on, publicly showing our dedication to returning this haven of nature to its pristine condition. To do this, we need your help. Really. We got a lot done today due to the usual suspects. Miles of trail have been groomed and ready to rest for a year.

I will be there this coming Saturday morning, along with Ralph, at 8:30AM. Please, help out your club. We would like to get this piece of work off our plate asap, as the holidays are just around the corner. We have seen newer faces show up this year and that is terrific. I would like to see a lot more folks this coming Saturday, both old and new. Lunch and drinks will be provided.

Off my soapbox now. Thank you.

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