Roberts Track and Trails Reopens

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Roberts Track and Trails Reopens

Postby Robert Phaup Jr. » Tue Mar 12, 2013 4:28 pm

Hey Guys,
Well the last time we talked it was bad news.(Roberts Track and Trails was shut down) We had a lot of hoops to jump throught. So, I wanted to catch you guys (my fellow riders)up on what is going on. We hired a P.E. to design an E&S plan and a site plan ($). We are installing a septic system,a well, power and a building. We are 90% done with the
the plans (paperwork)portion. Then the plans will go to the county for review and approvel. Once the plans are approved we can break ground on the E&S and site plans. In the meantime, only one day every weekend we are having work parties in the morning and riding in the afternoon. Only one day every weekend starting now. (call for time and dates)
Also, I want to thank ya'll for the help and support we have received in the past and look forward to riding with ya'll again.
Roberts Track and Trails 757-570-4643

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